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How I work with children and adolescents

Children and adolescents have their problems and can be anxious or depressed too. They need adapted Child counselling to answer their specific needs.
As a Psychologist and Counsellor in Hoborn and Kensington, I provide Child counselling in French as well (Psychologue en français Londres).
You will know that your child needs help when their problems affect how well they do, feel, or act. It means that their level of stress or anxiety hampers their ability to be enjoying their activities, as any child should be able to.
Children express their difficulties differently than adults. It is not uncommon for children to act out emotionally or exhibit mood, sleep, and social disturbances because they are not mature enough to articulate their emotions effectively.

Your child is my client and will at all time stay my first priority during therapy, but as parents, you are key to his well being. I shall always involve you in your child therapy and offer advice on what you could do to support your child in developing helpful thinking and behavioral habits.

As Child counsellor in Holborn and Kensington, I will adapt my support depending on their personality and how comfortable they feel with various approaches (talking, play therapy, art therapy, sand therapy). It is often a mix of approaches.
But whatever way we choose your child will learn by experimenting independently. I will support their ability to explore their feelings so they learn how to express themselves in an acceptable way.
Children will also develop a problem solving attitude which will improve their autonomy and self-esteem.

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How I involve parents

I believe that as parents you try your best to help your child and we shall work in partnership to support his progress. I shall make sure you will feel heard and never judged because I believe that part of my work supporting your child is supporting your ability to be a “good enough” parent.
As a Counsellor in Holborn and Kensington, I aim to be as flexible as possible to accommodate both agendas of children and their parents.
I provide Child counselling in French as well (Psychologue en français Londres).

For the first meeting, I would ideally meet the parents or one parent alone.
I shall gather information about your child, how difficulties have evolved and the impact it has had on his life and the family life.
For the second session, I would like to meet your child. The first part of the session will be with you and your child, and then I shall stay with your child alone.
After the second session, we should be able to decide if I could help and if your child and you would like to work with me.
It is very important that both parents and child are involved in the process of choosing the therapist they feel comfortable with.

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What I shall be doing during a Child counselling session

  • Listen to your child. I will provide a professional, neutral but warm space totally dedicated to him, where he can express himself and be heard.
  • Talk about feelings. Knowing how they feel and putting words on their emotions will help lower the fear and anxiety triggered by the unknown.
    By exploring his feeling, your child will develop his ability to manage his emotions so he will not feel scared and overwhelmed. Your child will gain more reflective space to act appropriately depending on the situation and how he feels.
  • Engage in activities to teach indirectly about feelings and coping skills.
  • Practice new skills. We might play games where they need to focus, be patient, use self-control, follow directions, listen, share, try again.
  • Solve problems. With adolescents especially, I shall ask about their problems and how they deal with them. We shall explore and question the impact they have on others and how others impact them.

    I provide Child counselling in French as well (Psychologue en français Londres).

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